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Laser hair removal is one of the most popular treatments that we do. And unlike most providers, we have three different machines available to treat unwanted hair. All of them are the latest technology, providing you with the best results possible with minimal pain for any skin type.

Any area of the body can be treated, as long as the hair has some pigment (medium blonde to browns or black). By far the most popular areas for women are bikini, underarm and face. For men, it’s the face, neck, shoulders and back – especially if there is ingrown hair. Laser hair removal solves the problem of ingrown hairs, shaving irritation, or hair infections, and of course eliminates the need for shaving or waxing in the future. 

A minimum of six to eight treatments is needed to get 75-85% of the hair permanently removed. We can get any area to 95% or higher with enough treatments, and assuming that hormones are balanced. 

We have over seven years experience, and have treated thousands of clients and have done ten's of thousands of treatments, always done by the experts, either Gordon or Olena.

Call for your consultation today: Please schedule a consultation prior to treatment to answer any questions you may have about the Laser Procedure- (503) 775-0900 or (503) 209-1800!

Our consultation includes:

  • Determination if you are a good candidate or not for the procedure
  • Explanation of how the laser works and laser hair removal process
  • Difference between a “Laser” and “IPL”
  • Explanation of why it takes several treatment to achieve maximum results
  • Contraindications that may cause you problems with laser treatments
  • Pre and Post treatment care and wait times between treatments 
  • Realistic expectations for the procedure

This may be scheduled on the same day of your treatment.


What areas of the body can be treated by Laser Hair Removal?

Any area of the body can be treated wherever there is hair. By far the most popular areas for women are bikini, underarm and face. For men, it’s the face, neck, shoulders and back – especially ingrown hairs. And, you can jump in a swim suit or tank top without worry. You can see significant results on your treated area – such as the underarms – in as little as 2 laser hair treatments, but it is normally advised to do 4 to 8 weeks apart. This is due to the fact that the Laser only destroys the hair follicle when it is in it’s active growth phase, the Anagen phase.

What do you NEED TO KNOW before getting Laser Hair Removal?

No sun exposure, no suntan lotions or spray tans – any skin tanning interferes with the ability of the laser to see the hair follicle. And the area needs to be shaved, preferably just before you come for your appointment! The ideal candidate has no suntan with darker hair. Any laser for hair removal can only treat hair with melanin – So, you need to get your laser hair treatments before the hair turns gray or white. And of course light blond hair will also not work.

Does it hurt?

It feels like the snap of a rubber band on the skin. We can lessen the sensation with an excellent topical anesthetic that we have available at our center, but you will still feel it a bit – but it is worth it!

Is it permanent?

The correct term is permanent hair REDUCTION. With proper treatment using the best technology you can expect approximately 80-90% reduction in the hair. However, since we cannot control such factors as hormones, genetics and medications, maintenance sessions may be necessary over time.

For more information please see our document about The Hair Growth Cycle


Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling: We allow ONE free rescheduling with a notice of 24 hours or more. If you reschedule within less than 24 hours a fee of $25 would apply.

Cancellations: For cancellations made within less than a 24 hour period the full price of the treatment will be charged towards your Groupon, Gift Certificate and/or Credit Card, for the loss of technicians time.

Thank you for understanding!