Our Team


olena trone  

(503) 975-3764

Olena has been practicing aesthetics for skin, health and fitness for the last 20 years, including training from Ukraine, Russia and France and the USA. She stays up to date on the latest advancements in the field and completes training on regular basis.  Olena decided to dedicate herself to health and beauty since the age of 16 and was dreaming of opening her own spa and fitness center. She did so 13 years ago in SE Portland, OR. Olena personally designed it to be a place where you can escape from reality to a world of complete serenity for a truly relaxing and beneficial experience.

She focuses on aesthetic procedures.  The medically oriented Spa now provides cosmetic rejuvenation from head to toe using advanced equipment, including lasers. As a member and fellow of the “American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery”, Olena delivers specialized expertise in Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal and Radio Frequency Contouring Procedures that removes fat and shrinks skin. She's an expert in skin care and skin problems, and does a wide variety of Facials for all types of skin and skin conditions. The spa is also dedicated to providing natural-looking results with nonsurgical injectable treatments.


gordon trone  

(503) 209-1800

Gordon got his start in the aesthetics business 15 years ago by assisting in the management of a true “European style Spa & Salon” and then attending aesthetics events and classes in and out of the country for several years. In 2010 he completed his initial broad laser training at the University of California, Irvine Campus, at the The Beckman Laser Institute presented by the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Inc. or ASLMS.  Since that time, he has worked directly with lasers and IPLs completing thousands of successful treatments and gaining a large following of satisfied clients.

While desiring to know more about the science side of laser and other light-based treatments, in 2013 Gordon applied for testing and membership with the American Board of Laser Surgery (ABLS), a world-wide organization that offers a comprehensive board membership for all of the lasers used in esthetics and other professional ablative procedures. After successfully completing the rigorous written and verbal tests, he became an Associate Certified Laser Technician with the ABLS. Gordon continues to pursue new information on the latest technology in the area of esthetics and similar treatments as the field advances.